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September 12 of 12

I was so tired last night I didn’t get a chance to post my 12 of 12 before I went to bed, as I like to do.  Here it is, a few hours late.

6:19 AM – The alarm had already been going off for 4 minutes.  Ouch.

6:24 AM – The parking garage on the first floor my building.  Oreo’s leading the way to the pet area.

6:55 AM – My clothes are waiting for me after my shower.  And yes, I did set them aside the night before, undershirt and all.

7:29 AM – My breakfast this morning.

7:45 AM – Making sure the playlist is complete for classes today.  Mozart?  check.  Sousa?  Check.  All-American Rejects?  Check.  Busta Rhymes?  Check.

11:45 AM – I head over to the convenience store adjacent to the Dept. of Music to grab some lunch before my office hour.  I decide to give Senor Miguel a try.  That was a mistake.  I should have known better.

12:15 PM – While waiting for a student (who never showed) during my office hour, I unload my bag and discover that I’ve a lot of grading to do this weekend.  A lot.

3:05 PM – Locking up my office, as I complete my first full week of classes (last week was only three days).  (P.S. You know it’s my office: amidst Red Sox Nation, it’s the only one with Cubs logos adorning the window.  Go CUBS!)

3:40 PM – I live only 2.0 miles from school, yet my commute averages about 25 minutes, no thanks to the Rourke Bridge, which I have to cross to get to and from school.  Essentially, three lanes bottleneck into one, then branch out again into three.  Here, I need to make a right, and would be able to if the jerk in front of me, who needs to make a left, would have gotten over to the left lane.  Moron.

4:07 PM – There’s a Dunkin’ Donuts right across the street from my apartment, and since Senor Miguel’s breakfast “burrito” didn’t do much for me, I decide to grab a sausage, egg, and cheese bagel.  This was not a mistake.

8:47 PM – Despite the mountain of papers I have to grade, I decide to take the night off because I’m utterly exhausted.  So, I play a little MarioKart Wii.  I won a few gold trophies in the 150cc league.  My only loss in this cup was due to a fluke pass right at the end, after I dominated the entire race up ’til that point.  Stupid spiny shells.

12:26 AM – I spend the rest of the night watching The Karate Kid and The Karate Kid Part II on AMC.  Oreo and I are in and out of consciousness pretty much the whole evening.  Man, my dog is cute.  Too cute.

May 12 of 12

It’s May already.  Heck, it’s almost halfway through May.  Yikes.

8:46am – Good morning world.

8:50am – Taking Oreo out for her morning business.  As usual, she’s eating something she shouldn’t be.

9:26am – Oreo and I still aren’t on the same page regarding her morning “routine.”  Thank goodness for Brawny paper towls, biodegradable poop bags, and the enzymes in PetZyme.

10:47am – I’ve got a bit of laundry to fold.

12:39pm – Getting my ass whomped in MarioKart Wii by Marty and Mike online.  Still, the game’s a ton of fun.

1:33pm – Somehow, Oreo manages to sleep through all my yelling at the TV.

4:31pm – I’m making my way through the Seinfeld series, episode by episode.  After some lunch, I fall asleep to “The Understudy,” the last episode in Season 6.

8:57pm – Mmm, pizza.

10:15pm – Checking in on the Cubs’ rout of the Padres while chatting with Mike and Marty.  We proceed to set up another round of MarioKart Wii.  Too fun.

12:57am – Washing dishes before calling it a night.

1:01am – Oreo standing at attention, waiting to go outside one last time before bed.

1:14am – One last check of email, one last round of mindless (yet completely necessary) chatting with Marty, and the posting of this entry.

Happy May!