About Me

Hello, I’m Chris. Welcome.

I’m very happily married to a woman I met when were both in sixth grade. We have an amazing son and an equally amazing set of identical twin girls. We also have a wonderful dog. We live in Fort Myers, Florida.

The Bower School of Music and the Arts at Florida Gulf Coast University is my professional home, where I teach music theory. My favorite band is U2. I like their music so much I wrote my doctoral dissertation on it and currently write for a fan website.

Tennis is my favorite sport, both to play (which I haven’t done is far too long) and to watch. I’m also a baseball fan. I like pizza, fancy sports cars, whiskey, and a perfectly coordinated outfit.

Thanks for stopping by.

4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Chris: Hello. Believe it or not I am your baptismal godfather. Your mom Zen was a teacher at La Salle in the Philippines when I was the president of the school. Your dad Ding used to play tennis with me. I visited you in Houston in the eighties and at that time I had a feeling you had music in your blood. You could play the piano so well in your elementary years. Any way, if you have a chance, email me back or if you want, call me (951) 346 6413. I live in Southern California. Would like to know about your mom and dad. Take care.

  2. hi I just random jumped over here. What an original blog, it is fun, on a Dutch saturday morning to get such an intimate glimpse of someone in the US’s life. I grew up in Pittsburgh and am still mostly American at heart. Come over and take a look at artcalling for something completely different.

    Have fun teaching, best regards, Sarah

    ps you might enjoy reading the entry about my 76 year old concert pianist aunt’s first CD. I think it is in the ‘Life Art’category under ‘Women in my family’.

  3. Chris,

    Send me an email, I’d like to chat when you get a chance. It turns out that we have something in common….

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